Who We Are

In order to understand who are we, we should go back to the late 1950's when Slovenski Dom was organized.

At that time, the political situation in Toronto was such that democratically oriented Canadians of Slovenian origin did not have a place to meet, in order to discuss current events, have a social, sport or multicultural event or festivity. In order to establish such a meeting place, a group of concerned citizens organized and financed Slovenski Dom. This was in the late fifties (year 1959). Since that time, there have been hundreds of different events in Slovenski Dom, such as gym classes which produced Canadian National Competitions gymnasts, seminars on history, politics, cultural events; banquets, meetings of occasions, performances, etc. etc. Currently, Slovenski Dom is rented out to a local community group and is used daily as a drop-in centre for seniors in the area. Slovenians have limited access to it. In the meantime, the Board of Directors of Slovenski Dom are searching for a new facility, another meeting place. Slovenski Dom has retained some access to the original location for holding meetings and, in particular, the Board of Directors meet there usually every first Wednesday of the month. Slovenski Dom organizes an annual banquet, supports Slovenian schools, conducts a writing contest, provides information to potential immigrants from Slovenia, organizes tours, picnics and other events for its members and keeps close contact with other Slovenian organizations in the Greater Toronto Area and further afield.