Slovenian History publication - online

If you are interested in reading about SLovenian history, there is an online document which can be downloaded. It has much which is in "The Land Between", but it's convenient having an online version of the history. It is entitled:
Peter Štih – Vasko Simoniti – Peter Vodopivec

There is also a Slovenian version if you wish read.


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Slovenian History

Let me add my thanks to Robert's for your passing along the links.
Personally I have always seen Slovenia - as a territory - as somewhat of a pivotal locale between Europe and the regions to the east (India and China) and the former Yugoslavia as a similarly pivotal locale between Europe and the regions to the southeast (the Holy Land, both Judaeo-Christian and Islamic).
I am looking forward to reading the links.  Even the first couple of pages have whetted my appetite for more.

Slovenian History - 600 pages

Slovenian History - 600 pages very detailed:)  thanks for the link