Turnirska knjiga Gašperja Lambergerja

As you may already know, I have a great interest in medieval Europe, and to add, the last 3-4 years, I've been researching into Slovenian medieval period. To my surprise, the medieval history of Slovenia is very colourful, with characters bigger than life recorded in the annals of Slovenian history. Medieval Europe, perceived by most people typically centred around England or France, but the entire notion of the armoured warrior extended throughout Europe, and the territories which make up Slovenia today were also actively engaged in the chivalric culture of Europe, including armoured knights.

One particular aspect of medieval life that I am very interested in, is the tournament or pas d'armes or jousts as they were called.  I have discovered, what may be the only Slovenian book on Tournaments, published by Viharnik, 1997 entitled "Turnirska knjiga Gašperja Lambergerja" or "The Tournament Book of Gašper Lamberger". The original pictoral manuscript (Codex A 2290 Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Hofjagd-und Rüstkammer) was commissioned by Gašper Lamberger in 1544, which depicts a beautifully illuminated series of images depicting the feats of arms of Gašper. Interestingly, the second part of the book includes phrases and inscriptions of more than 200 eminent persons from the West and Central Europe who frequently visited Gašper. The author of this must have publication is Dr. Dušan Kos.
For those interested in purchasing their own copy of this wonderfully illustrated book, visit the Viharnik website at  www.viharnik.com/content.php