Become a registered user and you will be given the privilege of posting requests for information about your ancestors and other relatives or friends and acquaintances.  HOW?

  1. Use the Page link to create a Page.
  2. Enter <LastName, FirstName> as both Title: and Menu link title:.
  3. Choose Genealogy from the Parent item: pull-down list (Look hard, you'll find it!).
  4. Use the Body window to enter whatever information you currently have available and what it is you are trying to find out.  All the basic word processor functions are available.
  5. When you are done with entering your information click on Comment settings and enable the Read/Write option.
  6. Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY click on the Save button in order to send your posting to the server.  IF YOU DON'T all your effort will be lost!

Most of us have thought about finding out more about our heritage by exploring family ties.  If you have taken the first step and posted a query about someone in your family tree, think about checking some of the other postings that have familiar looking names.  Maybe you have information about someone that someone else would like to know.  HOW DO YOU SHARE IT?

  1. Just become a Registered user.  It is totally free of charge.
  2. Once your account has been verified you will be granted the privilege of posting Comments where you can share whatever information you might have available.

It is that simple!
TIP: Use the Search function (upper right-hand corner) to find any page that includes a name (or anything else) of interest to you.  Who knows, a possible contact with someone having the same last name might lead to more information or even a relative!