About this Course

This course is a work in progress.  The motivation for its creation developed from casual expressions of interest in learning "a little" or "more" Slovenian among the author's sons, cousins and, occasionally people in the broader community.  There was also the observation that almost every club or organization established by Slovenian immigrants here in the Toronto area (as, I'm sure, is the case elsewhere in Canada and across the world) preservation of the Slovenian language in the local community and fostering its use are very prominent features of their charters or mission statements.  Not the least of these organizations is Slovenski Dom - Toronto through whose web site the course is being offered.


It is hoped that through the use of a fully interactive, web-based format that it will be possible for students to engage other students and the author (or teaching assistants) in a manner that closely approximates a seminar-like setting.  The prospect is to carry on virtual conversations about matters of interest almost as effectively as doing so face-to-face by having comments with responses available on almost every page.  By using the comment / response features it is anticipated that the course will grow and evolve to be an increasingly effective tool for the learning and preservation of the Slovenian language based on the combined efforts of a whole community of Slovenians, Canadians of Slovenian descent (like the author), people of Slovenian descent from other countries besides Canada and, indeed, anyone who has an interest in Slovenia or things Slovenian.


Everyone is welcome to be a participant in the growth and development of this course including anyone interested in the Slovenian language and things Slovenian anywhere in the world (I'm thinking particularly of Australia, Argentina and Brazil) - but especially that includes YOU!


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