Slovenian Elections Sept 21 2008 - How to vote by mail

If you have registed to be able to Vote with the Slovenian Embassy - you can now vote by mail. Deadline for mail to be post marked - September 20,2008 Thus casting the vote has become much easier. Now with the new procedure the voter receives an empty ballot to fill out (and seal in the separate envelope,) and the voting card to sign. The voter's handwritten signature is the certification of his/her voting card. CASTING A BALLOT FROM ABROAD BY MAIL According to the ZVDZ article, regulation 82, you will receive to your home address the following two forms: - a formal empty ballot (Countries out of Europe, or - a ballot with the names of the running candidates ( European Union Countries, Switzerland, Scandinavian Countries, Former Yugoslave Countries and Albany. Also enclosed you will find a voting card for the voter to put his/her signature. The completed ballot (in its closed envelope) and the signed voter's card should be sent to local electoral district (bigger envelope provided ) or to the representative diplomatic consulate of the Republic of Slovenia. Sample of correctly completed empty ballot: Instruction: in the rectangular space in the ballot write the name and last name of the candidate of your choice or the list of candidates you are casting the vote for. The ballot should be sent by mail by Saturday, September 20, 2008 ( or valid stamped envelope). To be taken into account for the results of the elections, the ballots send by mail from abroad should arrive in Slovenia by 12 o'clock, Monday, September 29, 2008. Do try to send it as soon as possible. AT THE REPRESENTATION OF THE DIPLOMATIC CONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA - Slovenian Hall on Brown's Line - Toronto. Open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Sunday, September 21, 2008 local time. It is necessary to bring along and present a valid piece of identification to vote.